Join our club and get the royal treatment.

Selecting wines that tantalize your nose and keep your palate yearning for more is never easy. As vintages come and go and vinters get ever more creative with their wine making, it is a never ending journey to find those wines that keep you excited about being a wine enthusiast. At the Wine Room, we take great pride in finding those wines that will keep you yearning for more as you sip them while savoring time with friends and family.

As a Club Member here are some of your many benefits.

1.) Every five regular tastings purchased (or $75 spend on tastings) gets you one free regular tasting (up to $15 value).
2.) Clum members (up to 2 individuals per club membership) get to enjoy an extra “Feature” taste at any attended tasting event, and per club member wine tasting purchased.
3.) Bottle Service Fee – 1/2 off with Club membership, or free bottle service with Premium Club membership.

As a Premium Club Member here are some of your added benefits.

1.) Advanced-notice to limited private tastings
2.) No Bottle Service Fee when enjoying a bottle ate our establishment

Becoming a club member is easy:

1.) Complete our club member taste questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us to learn your tastes so that we can better identify wines that we believe you will enjoy every month.
2.) Sign up for two (2) or more bottle selections per month, or become a Premium Club Member with four (4) or more bottles per month and receive added benefits.

Your club selections will be made and readied by the 2nd Friday of each month for your pick up or for delivery if delivery arrangements are requested.